The Sydney Hernia Specialists Clinic is the first hernia clinic in the world to offer laparoscopic hernia repair via a SINGLE small incision for virtually all abdominal hernias irrespective of the number and size.

The routine use of the single incision laparoscopic surgery is consistent with the research and educational philosophy at our hernia clinic which nurtures the quest for innovative ways to improve patient care. Dr Tran, Director of the Sydney Hernia Specialists, is a highly accomplished hernia surgeon specialising in laparoscopic repair of different types of hernias including inguinal, ventral/incisional, umbilical and stomal. Dr Tran has performed over 4500 laparoscopic hernia repairs, published over 50 book chapters and research articles and presented his work at over 120 National and International meetings. Through the innovative and exemplary care of his patients, Dr Tran was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy and the prestigious Peter Bancroft Prize by the University of Sydney for his thesis entitled “Advances in Minimally Invasive Hernia Surgery”.

Dr Tran’s world-first prospective randomised controlled study, using commercially available single-port device, showed that compared to the conventional laparoscopic surgery requiring multiple incisions, single incision laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair resulted in statistically significant reduction in post-operative pain, reduced analgesic requirements, earlier return to work and improved cosmesis.

As a steering committee member of HerniaSurge, Dr Tran made a significant contribution to the publication of the first International Guidelines for Inguinal Hernia Management in 2018 which will help the 20 million patients worldwide who undergo hernia treatment annually. In recognition of his extensive contributions to the advancement of hernia treatment Dr Tran has been appointed as an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery and a Member of the International Advisory Board of the Hernia Journal.